Sourdough Bread Starter

Imbue your baking with the authentic flavors of Italy with Wild Bluebell Homestead’s Sourdough Bread Starters. Our starters originate from a cherished 73-year-old Italian culture, ensuring your homemade sourdough boasts a depth of flavor that has been passed down through generations.

Each package contains 20g of sourdough starter – a perfect amount to kickstart your sourdough baking journey. Carefully cultured and packaged in Canada, our starters offer consistency, liveliness, and a wonderfully tangy flavor to your bread, making every loaf an artisanal masterpiece.

To help you get started, every purchase comes with access to three exclusive video guides. From feeding your starter, to kneading the dough, to baking the perfect loaf – we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just beginning, these guides offer expert tips and tricks to help you along the way.

We are proud to offer free shipping within Canada, ensuring our premium sourdough starter can reach every home baker without extra cost. Handcrafted with care and dedication, our starters are a testament to Wild Bluebell Homestead’s commitment to delivering only the best.

Embark on your sourdough journey today with Wild Bluebell Homestead’s Sourdough Starter Culture. Experience the joy of baking bread the traditional way and savor the unmistakable taste of genuine sourdough. A world of baking awaits!


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