About Wild Bluebell Homestead

Our Story

In the heart of the majestic mountains of Fraser Valley British Columbia Canada, where the air is crisp and the soil fertile, exists our little sanctuary – the Wild Bluebell Homestead. Founded by the creative and homesteading spirit, Lou Meggiato, our homestead is more than just a land of serene beauty; it is a vibrant community where the art of homesteading and the passion for handmade crafts intertwine.

Lou, alongside her supportive husband, spirited kids, and playful cats, has brought to life a vision where simplicity and sustainability are not just ideals, but a way of life. With a Master’s Degree in Design from Universities in the United Kingdom, Lou has spent years crafting for others. Now, she brings her expertise back home, pouring her soul into designing and creating small-batch artisan products.

Our Mission

At Wild Bluebell Homestead, our mission is to be a beacon for those yearning to embrace the homesteading lifestyle. It’s a place where learning, sharing, and creating take centre stage. We are dedicated to curating an inclusive and dynamic community where we can all grow together, both in our crafts and in our connection to the land and one another.

Our Offerings

Step into a world where each item is a handcrafted gem, a piece of our heart here at Wild Bluebell Homestead. Our offerings are a mix of tradition and creativity, meticulously woven to enrich your life with natural simplicity.

  • Organic Sourdough Starter: Begin your bread-making journey with our organic active sourdough starter, perfect for crafting delicious, wholesome loaves.
  • Sourdough Starter Guide: Accompany your starter with our comprehensive guide, designed to help you master the art of sourdough bread-making.
  • Sourdough Starter Kit: Get all the essentials in one package, including our organic sourdough starter, tools, and instructions for the budding baker.
  • Vintage Fabric Jar Cover: Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen with jar covers crafted from vintage fabrics, blending functionality with nostalgic charm.
  • Reusable Bento Bag: Embrace sustainability with our stylish and practical bento bags, ideal for carrying meals or storing goodies.
  • Reversible Bakers Apron: Protect your clothes in style with our reversible aprons, made from high-quality vintage fabrics and designed for the modern baker.

Each product is a chapter in our homestead’s ongoing story, a story we’re eager to share with you. Embrace the art of slow living with these tokens from our homestead to your home, fostering a connection that extends beyond the digital realm into the tangible joys of a life well-lived.

Connect With Us

We believe in fostering a community where every voice matters, and every member feels at home. Your journey with the Wild Bluebell Homestead doesn’t just stop at browsing our handmade goods. We invite you to join our email newsletter for the latest updates and follow us on Instagram.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with our family and learn about the Wild Bluebell Homestead.

Email or call us—we cherish every opportunity to engage with fellow homesteaders and craft lovers.