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Interview With Brooke Kuyer From Wren&Jane in Abbotsford

In our most recent community blog post article we get to chat with Brooke Kuyer from Wren & Jane based here in Abbotsford, they do different types of custom sewing as well as create sewed products and goods, learn more about their business below and consider connecting with them on Instagram.

Who are you, where are you located, and what aspects of running your apparel design business do you enjoy?

My name is Brooke. Almost seven years ago, we relocated from Vancouver to Abbotsford. Since then, we have thoroughly enjoyed settling down, building connections, and carving out time to explore hobbies and acquire new skills. Leaving the “big city” has granted my husband and me more leisure time, which I have used to learn sewing among other things.

How did you initiate your journey of creating products, and what advice can you give to beginners?

The birth of my daughters stirred in me a longing for a meditative diversion, and sewing became my peaceful retreat at the end of each day. I found myself repeatedly crafting the same items, thereby improving my skills. This period of my life also saw a heightened awareness and desire to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. I realized my craftsmanship could potentially inspire others to rethink their consumption habits. The first product I created was the Reusable Gift Bag, an uncomplicated yet effective way to decrease waste.

When asked about a skill they’ve honed, people usually advise, “just get started”. Even though this might seem daunting for beginners, it genuinely is the best piece of advice. Also, don’t underestimate the power of Youtube.

What products do you offer from your home, and where can these be purchased?

Currently, I sell via Instagram for free local pickup. My offerings include reusable gift bags for birthdays and holidays, particularly Christmas. I source other products from vintage and secondhand fabrics, such as scrunchies, hair bows, farmers market tote bags, and the latest addition, the Wren & Jane Heirloom dress for children.

What are the advantages of purchasing from you?

My mission is to be as sustainable as possible, predominantly crafting products from secondhand materials, and creating items that encourage people to reuse what we already possess.

How do your products differ from those sold by others?

My vintage creations are genuinely unique because each piece is fashioned from thrifted fabric that you wouldn’t find in mainstream stores.

What materials are used to make your products?

Gift bags are a combination of new and secondhand cotton fabrics. The scrunchies, hair bows, tote bags, and dresses are all made from vintage or secondhand cotton fabrics.

What are the perks of operating a small home-based craft business for you and/or your family?

While I thoroughly enjoy my part-time role as a physiotherapist in a hospital, I consider it a privilege to have a creative outlet that adds value to people’s lives.

Who are some crafters or small business owners who inspire you to improve and explore new things?

There are too many to mention! Wild Bluebell is certainly one of them. However, anyone who is learning to minimize their waste and live sustainably inspires me.

What key life lesson has running your own business taught you about yourself?

Running my business has taught me that you’re never too old to learn something new. The idea of continually acquiring new skills fills me with excitement and pride. I’m eager to see what else I can learn.

Apart from your business, how do you spend your leisure time?

My two daughters are my universe! Besides that, I adore baking and staying active. Hiking, weight-lifting, and spin class all bring me joy.

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like people to know about you or your business?

While it doesn’t directly pertain to my business, being a part of this community of small makers has made me appreciate the number of gifted local creators out there. I would strongly encourage everyone to explore locally more often – you’ll be astounded by the quality of goods, food, and the personal connections you can form!

And anything else you want people to know!!

For more info, you can connect with them on Instagram

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