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Meet our Friend Courtney from The Local Harvest Flower Farm in Chilliwack

Hey there, who’s excited about spring and the start of the gardening season? We Are! Welcome to our new homestead blog where we will introduce new people and businesses we have met in the community along with sharing crafting inspirations, recipes, and more, below in this blog post check out what we chatted about with our new friend Courtney from The Local Harvest, and if you would like to collaborate with us don’t hesitate to reach out on our contact page to chat. Have a great growing season everyone.

Who are you, where do you live and what do you like about homesteading or operating your farm?

My name is Courtney and I am a passionate flower farmer based in Chilliwack who specializes in cut flowers that attract pollinators. I’m inspired by people and I love creating joy through my work.

How did you get started with homesteading or farming and what are some useful tips for those who want to get started?

I started farming 10 years ago when my parents opened a farm market that sells vegetables. I’ve always been involved in their business in some sort of way but recently I felt the desire to start something of my own. My best advice to anyone who wants to start a flower farm is to make friends with other people in the industry. In my experience, most flower farmers want to share what they know and will talk to anyone who will listen.

What are the products or services that you offer from your homestead or farm and where can people buy them?

I sell bulbs, plants, wedding florals, and bouquets and I have plans to start offering gardening and flower workshops.

What are the benefits of living on a homestead or operating a farm for yourself and/or your family?

The freedom. The peace. The simplicity. I love how much my life has changed since I started flower farming. I’m excited to get out of bed in the morning and start working.

Who are some homesteaders or farmers who inspire you to get better and try new things?

My Dad. The best in the biz. He’s constantly inspiring me to test the limits. Just because everyone else is doing it a certain way that doesn’t mean they are doing it the best way.

What is the one main life lesson that homesteading or farming has taught you about yourself?

Slow down. I’m a big sucker for instant gratification. I find myself rushing to get things done. This has never, not even once, benefited me or my farm. I’ve spent so much of my life rushing and doing things half-heartedly. Now it’s time to put all my effort into doing things properly and then exercise a tremendous amount of patience to get a beautiful end result.

Outside of homesteading or farming, what do you get up to for fun in your personal time?

I like to thrift or spend time with my family. I also rest. Farming is hard work so sometimes I like to just sit. There’s joy in resting too.

Lastly, is there anything else you would like people to know about you or your homestead/farm?

I sometimes take on more than I can handle because I want to do it all. I find myself dreaming up big things and then all the work to get there is too much. I’m also learning to let go of things that don’t bring me joy. For example, if I don’t like a certain type of flower I will dig it out and compost it instead of clinging onto it hoping it can redeem itself because it won’t. I’ve made up my mind.

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