Barefoot Flowers best local flower farm in Whonnock British Columbia

Barefoot Flowers: Best Local Flower Farm in Whonnock

Wild Bluebell Homestead Blog loves to showcase the talents and passion of local business owners and crafters. This time around, we’re shining the spotlight on Barefoot Flowers, nestled in the heart of Whonnock. Dive into this exclusive feature to learn more about the dedicated individuals behind the brand and understand the importance of supporting our local community. Let’s foster community spirit and get to know our neighbors a little better!

Who are you, where do you live, and what do you enjoy about operating your flower business?

Our names are Trina and Samantha Foot. We’re sisters by marriage but best of friends and neighbors by choice. We reside with our husbands on our family farm in Whonnock. Our farm hosts a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, and beekeeping. However, we’ve always been drawn to the idea of cultivating, arranging, and selling cut flowers. What we cherish the most about this endeavor is the quality time it affords us to spend together.

How did you embark on your flower-growing journey, and do you have any tips for budding enthusiasts?

We’ve been on our farm for five years. During this period, we’ve individually nurtured our gardens, gradually understanding the nuances of various plants and flowers. While we still have a lot to learn, we’ve become adept at growing the main varieties found here. Our philosophy is rooted in continuous learning, especially about one’s passions. A cardinal piece of advice for beginners is to test your soil before sowing any seeds. We struggled initially with nutrient-deficient soil, but soil testing transformed our cultivation methods.

Which flowers do you offer, and where can one purchase them?

We cultivate seasonal cut flowers. Our season generally spans from June to the first frost in late October. We aim to start our season earlier in the future. Our primary blooms include Sunflowers, Dahlias, Zinnias, Cosmos, Snapdragons, and Rudbeckia, supplemented by other filler flowers. We offer market-style bouquets and posies in jars or vases. During autumn, we craft exquisite arrangements using pumpkins from our patch, perfect for Thanksgiving! Find our flowers at our weekend roadside stand, local farmers’ markets, or place custom orders via our Instagram (@barefootflowersbc).

What are the advantages of purchasing your flowers?

The foremost benefit is the opportunity to support local flower farmers. Especially considering Canada’s heavy reliance on imported cut flowers (with imports worth $120M annually). Furthermore, our flowers are organically grown, and free from harmful chemicals.

How do your flowers stand out from competitors?

While the vicinity boasts numerous flower farmers, each brings a unique artistic touch to their arrangements. Even between Samantha and me, there’s a distinct flair in our bouquets, offering customers a spectrum of choices.

What benefits does operating a small home-based business provide you and your family?

Financially, our flower enterprise ensures our farm retains its “Farm” status, significantly reducing property taxes. Moreover, it facilitates bonding time, allowing us to relish moments spent amidst nature.

Could you mention some of your inspirations in the flower farming domain?

Erin from Floret has been a beacon for both of us. We frequently consult her books, an invaluable resource for aspiring flower growers. Additionally, YouTube introduced us to inspiring figures like Sarah from Bloom & Gray, Nicole from Flower Hill Farm, and Serina and Ian from You Can’t Eat The Grass.

What profound insights has entrepreneurship bestowed upon you?

Managing our business has reiterated the power of family collaboration. When we unite with a shared vision and commitment, the results are truly astounding. We’re perpetually grateful for our collective decision to inaugurate a family farm.

Beyond flower cultivation, how do you unwind and relax?

Samantha and I are aficionados of visiting nurseries, local farms, diverse markets, and scavenging for treasures in Value Village and thrift stores. We fondly label these excursions our “date days,” typically culminating in savoring delectable dishes at newfound eateries.

Is there any additional information you’d like to share about your venture?

Our vision for Barefoot Flowers transcends its current scope. We aspire to eventually conduct workshops on flower arranging, wreath crafting, and more.

Supporting local businesses like Barefoot Flowers doesn’t just boost the local economy; it nurtures dreams, fuels passion, and strengthens community ties. The next time you’re in Whonnock, consider making a pit stop at their farm or stand. Let’s celebrate the spirit of community and cherish the beauty around us.

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