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Mission BC’s Best Pickles: Behind the Jars of “I’m Pickled”

Welcome to another delightful feature on the Wild Bluebell blog. Today, we’re plunging into the universe of pickles, but not just any pickles—artisanal, locally sourced, and community-rooted pickles from the creators of “I’m Pickled.” Located in the scenic area of Mission, British Columbia, this business serves up jars full of crunchy, tangy, and delicious pickles that also manage to capture the essence of the local area, from the soil to the seasons. But it’s not just about taste; it’s also about a unique blend of tradition and community that the “I’m Pickled” brand embodies. As we unpack the story of this delectable local business, we’ll also learn about the personal journeys and philosophies that make their products so exceptional.

What’s the story behind the unique name “I’m Pickled”?
The inspiration amusingly came from my husband. While brainstorming, we aimed to highlight our two favorite products: dill beans and rosemary carrots, both being fantastic complements to Caesar drinks. My husband playfully pointed out that one gets ‘pickled’ when they drink, leading to the birth of our brand name.

How does Mission, British Columbia influence the flavors and ethos of your business?
Mission, particularly its lower mainland, provides a perfect growing season for the produce we use in our pickled items. Our cherished recipes are directly inherited from family members who’ve loved and lived in this scenic city.

Describe your pickling process.
Our journey begins right from the ground – from soil selection to seed choice. We either cultivate our produce or source it from neighboring farms. After harvesting, each vegetable undergoes rigorous preparation: washing, trimming, peeling, and slicing. Our brines, predominantly vinegar-based, are enriched with pickling salt, and sometimes sugar and spices. Every jar’s seal is ensured to perfection, with the delightful “pop” sound signaling a job well done.

How does “I’m Pickled” set itself apart from others?
Our distinction lies in both cultivating our produce and collaborating with local farmers to craft our pickled delights. Every batch we produce is carefully crafted, promising a flavor that makes stopping at one nearly impossible.

Which pickle flavor defines the spirit of your brand, and why?
The pickled rosemary carrots truly encapsulate our brand’s spirit. They offer a unique, crisp, yet profound flavor, reflecting the shared passion my father and I harbor for gardening and canning.

Tell us about your relationship with local farmers. How does it shape the quality of your products?
Our association with local farmers is deep and mutual. We’ve recently partnered with three farms and two garden enthusiasts. Knowing and sharing that the jalapeños or dill pickles come from a neighboring farm adds authenticity and love to every bite.

In recent times, pickling has become a trend. Why do you think it resonates so deeply with people today?
Pickling offers a bridge to cherished memories, perhaps in a grandparent’s kitchen or a festive family gathering. These foods, rich in history and taste, invoke strong, joyous reminiscences, with many customers expressing how our pickles teleport them back to moments worth savoring.

How do community feedback and local market experiences shape your products and direction?
Feedback is our guiding star. Witnessing patrons eagerly approaching our stall at markets or introducing new products based on community inputs makes our endeavor worthwhile and continually evolving.

Share a pickling secret or insight you feel the world should know.
Here’s a nugget: perceived missteps can sometimes birth delightful recipes. Before dismissing a batch, give it a taste – you might have discovered an unexpectedly wonderful flavor!

As a newcomer to pickles, which signature “I’m Pickled” product is a must-try?
Our pickled rosemary carrots stand out as a definite must-try for anyone new to the world of pickles.

In the age of sustainability and local produce, how does “I’m Pickled” contribute to a greener future?
We encourage patrons to return undamaged jars for reuse. We also suggest innovative culinary uses for leftover brines, fostering creativity while ensuring minimal wastage.

What do you love most about running your own business?
The sheer joy comes from the flexibility and seeing our painstaking efforts materialize into products loved by many.

Outside of “I’m Pickled”, what hobbies or activities do you indulge in?
Beyond “I’m Pickled”, I serve as a nurse, cherish my role as a wife, and relish moments with my two beautiful children. When not engaged with produce or jars, I find solace and expression in modern or jazz dance classes.

Thank you for taking this flavorful journey with us, as we explored the depths and breadths of “I’m Pickled.” Through this feature, we’ve not only learned about the magic that goes into every jar but also about the transformative power of community, creativity, and sustainable practices. We hope you’re as inspired as we are. To continue celebrating and supporting our local heroes, and to make sure you never miss an opportunity to discover more amazing stories, subscribe to the Wild Bluebell email newsletter and follow our journey on Instagram. Stay connected, and keep supporting local!

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