HubCo Brewing Brewery Craft Beer in Mission British Columbia Canada Hosting Craft Artisan Marketplace August 23rd 2023 from 4pm to 8pm at 33211 North Railway Avenue

HubCo Brewing Craft Marketplace on August 23rd from 4-8PM at 33211 North Railway Avenue in Mission BC

As summer paints the landscape with its vibrant hues, the folks in Mission are brewing something exceptional. The canvas? HubCo Brewing. The palette? A mesmerizing blend of craft, culture, and camaraderie. The date? August 23rd, from 4 pm to 8 pm.

This isn’t just your ordinary craft market. It’s a rendezvous point where artistry intertwines with community spirit. It’s an avenue where local vendors become local legends, where businesses don’t just trade but build bonds. Where every handshake could lead to a collaboration and every sip of beer ignites a story.

Sip. Shop. Support.

Held at the HubCo Brewing in Mission, BC, this craft market promises an evening soaked in the rich flavors of the Fraser Valley’s premier brews. But there’s more than just beer to entice. The market is a crescendo of craft, a symphony of sellers, and a mosaic of makers, each one bringing to the table their unique products, passion, and persona.

In the crowd of talented artisans, Lou Meggiato of Wild Bluebell Homestead stands out not just as a vendor but as a visionary (and because of her fire-red hair and cheeky accent). Her stall promises a tantalizing range of handmade kimonos that whisper tales of ancient traditions and modern twists. And for those who nurture a sourdough dream, Lou’s Sourdough Bread Starters are the golden tickets to bread nirvana.

Blending Art with Business

But the story doesn’t end with handcrafted wares. Lou is also the dynamo behind Bl3nd Design Agency, a haven for businesses seeking a refreshing take on branding. Anyone on the lookout for a revamped logo, a punchy brand kit, snazzy social media graphics, striking vehicle wraps, distinctive product packaging, or compelling business signage will find that Lou is not just available, but eager to catapult their brand identity to new heights.

It’s a call for Mission’s community to unite, not just as consumers, but as curators of culture. To share, to revel, and most importantly, to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

So, mark your calendars, lace up those dancing shoes, and get ready for an evening where business meets leisure, craft meets beer, and Mission meets its makers. Your presence isn’t just welcomed; it’s celebrated.

Come, let’s craft memories at HubCo Brewing together.

HubCo Brewing Brewery Craft Beer in Mission British Columbia Canada Hosting Craft Artisan Marketplace August 23rd from 4pm to 8pm at 33211 North Railway Ave

Wild Bluebell Homestead is a charming hobby farm located in Abbotsford that offers a range of hand-made artisanal products, curated vintage furniture, sourdough bread, and other homemade items. The homestead is dedicated to creating unique and high-quality products that are beautiful, functional, and long-lasting, plus each item is carefully crafted with attention to detail. Customers can expect a warm and welcoming experience and a range of products that are perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any home.

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