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West Coast Wild Child: Fraser Valley’s Go-To for Graphic Shirts

In the sprawling beauty of Fraser Valley, amongst the local legends that Wild Bluebell Homestead proudly showcases, we’ve chanced upon a real treasure: West Coast Wild Child. This isn’t just an apparel brand; it’s Tanya’s heart and soul, laid out in vibrant colors and patterns. From Mission, with fond memories rooted in Maple Ridge, Tanya has woven a tale that’s as much about community and connection as it is about unique graphic shirts. Today, we’re settling down for a cozy chat with her, hoping to share a slice of her world with all of you.

Tanya, tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you call home and what drives your passion in apparel design?
I’m Tanya, rooted in Mission now, but with my childhood memories painted across Maple Ridge. The thrill of my business is in the freedom to create and the deep, heartfelt connections I form at the local markets.

Your journey into this world sounds intriguing. How did you start and what’s your wisdom for budding crafters?
Life has its twists. While on the brink of a back surgery, contemplating my place in retail management, West Coast Wild Child came my way in 2019. After acquiring it and a brief tutorial, I was all in. For those on the edge, considering a dive into crafting – it’s passion and flexibility that’ll see you through the storms.

Give our readers a glimpse. What creations spring from your workshop and where can they be discovered?
I specialize in graphic shirts, tailored for the entire family. These unique pieces are showcased at Fraser Valley markets, available on my website, and also at The Local Space.

What makes West Coast Wild Child a unique shopping experience?
When you support West Coast Wild Child, you’re playing a part in a larger narrative. Each purchase aids other local enterprises, weaving a network of community growth and solidarity.

How do you ensure your creations are distinct?
I have a soft corner for originality. My designs are infused with a dash of sass and a sprinkle of fun, ensuring each piece stands out.

And your crafting material of choice?
I lean towards a snug poly-cotton blend for most of my shirts.

Share with us the silver linings of operating a home-based craft business.
The beauty of this venture? Time. The chance to be there, truly present, with my little one, Ryder. He’s 18 months and every second with him is a cherished memory in the making.

Who or what acts as your beacon of inspiration?
The Fraser Valley community is a trove of talent. My philosophy revolves around collaboration over competition. There’s ample sunshine for all of us to bask in and grow.

Reflecting on your entrepreneurial journey, any major takeaways?
Stepping into the business world is a roller coaster of emotions and challenges. Yet, consistency and resilience are the keys. The highs, the lows, every twist and turn – they’re all part of the magic.

When you’re not breathing life into West Coast Wild Child, how do you unwind?
My solace is found in the company of family and friends, the adventures that camping offers, and the simple pleasure of a good craft beer.

Drawing the Curtains to Fraser Valley’s Crafting Saga with Tanya and Wild Bluebell Homestead

As we wrap up our time with Tanya, we’re reminded of the rich tapestry of stories, dreams, and passions that the Fraser Valley community encapsulates. West Coast Wild Child isn’t just a brand; it’s a chapter in this beautiful anthology. Wild Bluebell Homestead invites you to keep flipping the pages. Stay connected, engage with us on Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletter. Dive deeper into the Fraser Valley chronicles, one artisan at a time, and celebrate the spirit of local craftsmanship with us.

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