2023 Christmas Markets Craft Fairs Events in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia Canada

2023 Christmas Markets and Local Craft Fairs We Are Attending

Immerse yourself in the essence of Fraser Valley’s artisan brilliance this fall, as Lou Meggiato of Wild Bluebell Homestead unveils a symphony of handcrafted treasures at various coveted craft fairs. In the crisp, inspirational air of autumn, wander through spaces vibrant with local creativity and community warmth. These events are not just markets; they are gatherings of heart, art, and local essence, a place where each product tells a story and each stall sings a song of community and craftsmanship.

Hubco Brewery Market
Date: 25th October
Time: 4pm until 8pm
Location: 33211 N Railway Ave, Mission, BC V2V 1E4

Step into the vibrant realm of Hubco Brewery, where creativity and craftsmanship unite. Encounter a diverse tapestry of local artisans, each bringing unique expressions of passion and innovation to the fore. In this extraordinary marketplace, explore a curated selection of crafts that embody tradition and artistic brilliance. Join us in a celebration of exceptional talent and discover the beauty of crafted mastery.

The Windebank Market
Date: 4th & 5th November
Time: 10am-5pm (4th), 10am-4pm (5th)
Location: 33570 11 Ave, Mission, BC V2V 6Z2

Join us at Windebank Elementary School for a transformative experience, where ordinary hallways metamorphose into extraordinary corridors of creativity and craftsmanship. Within these vibrant pathways, encounter an exceptional assembly of local artisans, each showcasing their unique offerings and artistic prowess. Experience a symphony of diverse crafts that echo with passion, tradition, and innovation. Let’s celebrate together the rich tapestry of talent and artistry that our community has to offer.

The Muse Christmas Market
Date: 17th & 18th November
Time: 2-8pm (17th), 9am-4pm (18th)
Location: 29635 0 Ave, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2M5

Experience the joy of the holiday season amidst the verdant embrace of Windsor Greenhouse. Here, the Muse Christmas Market unfurls a spectacular canvas of wonder and delight, weaving the natural beauty of lush surroundings with the vibrant threads of creativity from our local community. This enchanting event promises a harmonious blend of nature’s elegance and the imaginative expressions of artistry, cultivating a festive atmosphere that celebrates the warmth and wonder of the community’s creative spirit. Join us in this radiant convergence of holiday cheer and artistic brilliance.

New Products Showcase at Wild Bluebell Homestead

  • Organic Apple Butter: $25 for 500ml, $15 for 250ml
  • Inner Bliss Organic Tea: $10 per tin
  • Wild Mint Organic Tea (locally foraged): $15 per package
  • Goddess Bath Salts: $15
  • Organic Sourdough Starter: $25
  • Second Love Christmas Tree Decorations: $8 or 2 for $15
  • Second Love Kimonos: $125
  • Second Love Handknitted Eco Cloths: $15
  • Second Love Reusable Gift Bags with Hang Tags: $10-30 depending on size
  • Second Love Santa Sacks: $35

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Together, let’s weave a fall filled with art, soul, and the warm embrace of community. 🍁🌿🍂

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