Ocean Crystal Healing Buy Handmade Malas Bracelets Jewellery Crystals Locally in Mission British Columbia Canada

Ocean Crystal Healing: Malas, Bracelets, and Crystals in Mission BC

Welcome to the vibrant corner of the Wild Bluebell Homestead, where we cherish the opportunity to shine a light on the local artisans, cultivators, and homesteaders who infuse our community with their unique crafts, skills, and stories. It’s our joy to uplift and support the rich tapestry of talent that surrounds us, and nothing excites us more than learning from the creative and industrious spirits in our midst. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Joey, the heart and soul behind Ocean Crystal Healing, who combines the beauty of crystals with a deep commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship.

Joey, can you tell us about your background, where you are based, and what led you to start Ocean Crystal Healing?

I am a 36-year-old mom of two daughters (aged 11 & 8 at the time of this article) and we are based out of Mission British Columbia. I have always loved crystals and stones, but what began our small business is one afternoon my daughters and I were sitting in our living room, beading crystal stretch bracelets for one another. We had so much fun doing it, and my daughters were super creative in their designs that I thought, hey, why not start a small business so the girls can attend markets and see how commerce works? That opened the doors to crystal sales and learning how to source ethically and consciously mined crystals from around the world from mines that practice sustainability and fair wages for their employees. It went from sourcing really great quality crystal beads to crystals of all forms!

What personal significance do crystals hold for you?

Crystals are energetic beings. I have always felt that every piece had its own little personality. My grandma Ruth loved searching for agates, and my grandpa Lloyd collected opals from Mexico. Since I was very little, I would spend hours searching for crystals and had quite an extensive collection. Now, I enjoy working with them, getting to know each of their properties, and how they can help bring peace and energy to others.

Walk us through the process of creating your handmade crystal jewelry?

I spend a lot of time sourcing the crystal beads that we use for our crystal jewelry. I am learning and experimenting with different types of jewelry making and would not call myself an expert at all, but someone who is extremely passionate about working with crystals and creating beautiful pieces for others to enjoy. For our Mala necklaces, I hand knot 108 beads onto silk thread. This process takes me a total of 3 hours, and I enjoy burning a beeswax candle and cleansing the necklace with sage afterward. Our crystal stretch bracelets are made by my daughters and me. I give the girls a bead board where they can design their own bracelets. It’s a lot of fun!

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How do you ensure the quality of the crystals you source?

I am a VERY picky woman when it comes to sourcing crystals. I have been working exclusively with three suppliers who provide me with exact mine locations, LOTS of photos and videos of products, and background on some of the lapidaries who help to tumble and form the crystals into their shapes. My one supplier, Paul, educates me so much with his vast knowledge of ethical and sustainable mine practices and works directly with families who are miners and do the lapidary work themselves.

Are there specific types of crystals that resonate more with your customers?

Amethyst seems to be the most sought-after piece. Uruguay Amethyst is a deep, deep purple that a lot of my clients love.

You mention being an Ocean Warrior and partnering with Sea Shepherd; can you share more about this collaboration?

I really, really love the ocean (hence our company name) and Sea Shepherd has been one of my favorite organizations for many, many years. They are protectors of the sea and all the creatures that live in it. Our logo features a Hammerhead shark, which is my all-time favorite animal. I wanted to donate proceeds of sales monthly to Sea Shepherd to help protect our oceans and to raise awareness of how precious our ocean is! Monthly donations are supported by the sales through Ocean Crystal Healing.

As an abolitionist and a supporter of @ourrescue, how do you integrate this advocacy into your business practices or spread awareness?

I would say as a mother, this organization hits pretty close to home. The thought of children being stolen and trafficked is beyond doubt the most horrific thing to ever happen in our world. Operation Underground Railroad is an organization that works worldwide on missions to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The monthly donations are supported by the sales through Ocean Crystal Healing. By following OUR social media, we share their stories and posts to help raise further awareness.

How can businesses be more proactive in addressing global and societal issues?

Businesses can be more proactive in addressing global and societal issues by the following practices: incorporating sustainability practices into their operations such as reducing waste and carbon emissions, supporting and investing in renewable resources, embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity in the workplace, supporting local communities, collaborating with other organizations to address environmental changes, transparency in reporting on their progress, and by continuously seeking innovative solutions to global challenges.

How do you promote sustainability and ethical sourcing within Ocean Crystal Healing?

I promote sustainability and ethical sourcing by being as transparent as I can be to my customers about where their crystals are sourced from. This could include the region, the mine location, etc. I do my best to educate my customers on the importance of ethical sourcing of crystals and how it can be truly difficult to find crystals that are truly ethically sourced. Prior to finding the two suppliers I work with, I have some “old stock” of crystals whose origins are not fully traceable, so I do not mark these as ethically sourced. For packaging our crystals and bracelets, I use recycled boxes and packing materials. The material bags used for our bracelets and smaller crystal tumbles are from a small business that takes great pride in their work and are a very friendly group of people.

Are there any community initiatives or partnerships you’re particularly proud of?

We are still a really new company and have only just begun to stretch out into the community.

How do you envision the future of Ocean Crystal Healing on a larger scale?

I would like to eventually have live sales on my Instagram where I will be able to have a dedicated customer base/coven, as I would like to call it 🙂

How do you ensure you maintain a connection with your customer base?

By having an open portal for communication. I like to form relationships with my customers and always encourage them to reach out to me via email or Instagram with any questions they may have regarding their crystals or crystal jewelry from us.

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Can you share a memorable interaction or feedback you’ve received from a customer?

I had a client show me a custom shelf she got put in JUST for the crystals that she bought from me. It was the cutest thing ever!

How do you handle challenges or criticisms from customers?

Kindness and compassion. I have not had any challenging customers to date (yet – thankfully) but I have had to deal with challenging clients in my day job.

Are there any new products or collections in the pipeline for Ocean Crystal Healing?

I am always working on fun designs for crystal bracelets by sourcing high-quality charms and beads to add a personalized little touch. I started working on high-quality dainty clasp necklaces that are made by beads that are sourced ethically by a gemologist in Toronto. I hope to start creating more of these dainty bead necklaces!

How do you stay updated on the latest trends in crystal jewelry and healing?

Reading a lot. I love reading about crystals and looking up articles on different crystals and crystal jewelry.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a business rooted in personal passions and advocacies?

Do your research! You will get a lot of “advice and opinions” on what to do and how you should start your business out, but don’t forget to do your research and trust your intuition. Find vendors that speak to your soul and spark excitement in you. I have a vendor who is super encouraging of my business’s success and always offers helpful articles on crystals and the mining process, etc. Bottom line – trust your intuition.

Outside of Ocean Crystal Healing, what are your personal passions or hobbies?

Pets – I have a lot of pets that I absolutely adore, spending time with the girls and my family, reading, metaphysical curiosities such as learning more about tarot reading and crystal energy healing.

Is there a book, movie, or piece of art that has deeply influenced or inspired your journey?

Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings – I love the magical world.

Thank you for taking the time to delve into Joey’s inspiring journey with Ocean Crystal Healing. We hope it sparked a curiosity and admiration for the passion that drives our local community of crafters and entrepreneurs. Your support means the world to them and to us at Wild Bluebell Homestead. Don’t forget to keep the spirit of community and connection alive by following us on Instagram, subscribing to our email newsletter for the latest updates, and sharing your thoughts. We welcome your questions, comments, or feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us via email.

Let’s continue to grow and flourish together in the wild beauty of our shared homestead community.

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