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Conjuring Karma: Abbotsford’s Source for Handcrafted Bath Bombs

Welcome to the latest feature on the Wild Bluebell Homestead website, where we shine a spotlight on local talent, celebrating the passion and craftsmanship of our community’s crafters, farmers, and business owners. Today, we are thrilled to present an enlightening conversation with Tarah Borkristl, the heart and soul behind Conjuring Karma. In this interview, Tarah opens up about her journey, inspirations, and the lovingly crafted products she creates, which bring together the worlds of self-care and spiritual growth.

Tarah, can you introduce yourself and tell us about your journey to becoming an artist at Conjuring Karma?

Hi, my name is Tarah Borkristl. My journey to Conjuring Karma began with creating my own bath bombs and salt blends to avoid perfumes and chemicals that weren’t good for my health or the planet. I was experiencing chronic back pain, and found solace and healing in a hot bath.

What products and services do you offer?

I offer artisan bath bombs infused with CBD isolate, which is lab-made, tested, and sourced locally in BC. I also host classes and events like the upcoming Cacao Circle.

What inspired the name “Conjuring Karma”?

I wanted something that represented creation and balance, and my sister suggested the word ‘Karma’. It resonated deeply, and thus, Conjuring Karma was born.

Your bio mentions “Ritual” and “Plant Magic”. How do these concepts influence your art?

These elements guide my crafting process. My ritual baths, infused with home-grown or locally sourced herbs and flowers, are aligned with the seasons and the earth’s natural rhythms, enhancing the spiritual and physical benefits.

We’re intrigued by the idea of Sacred Baths. Can you explain their significance?

Sacred baths are a practice of combining intentional breathing, candles, and other elements to receive messages or insights, helping to overcome pain and anxiety. They are a deeply personal and healing ritual, bringing mental, emotional, and physical benefits.

Tell us about your CBD bath bombs. How did they come to be, and what benefits can users expect?

My CBD bath bombs grew from my desire for pain relief and relaxation. Users can expect alleviation from pain, anxiety, depression, and inflammation, as well as improved sleep.

How does your Abbotsford, Canada base influence your work and the products you create?

Being based in Abbotsford allows me to source high-quality, local ingredients, ensuring the purity and effectiveness of my products while supporting local communities.

Could you share a memorable experience related to your work?

Certainly! One of the most rewarding experiences has been teaching ritual bath classes and forming meaningful connections through hosting sacred women’s circles.

Can you give some details about the Cacao Circle event mentioned on Eventbrite?

At the Cacao Circle, participants will engage in gentle, heart-opening rhythm exercises and journal their experiences post-cacao journey. It’s a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and communal connection.

How do you ensure the quality and purity of the ingredients you use?

I prioritize locally sourced, natural ingredients, grown either by myself or trusted local farms and suppliers.

What does a typical day look like for you at Conjuring Karma?

My day revolves around crafting bath products, managing orders, and continuously learning and exploring new ways to enhance the offerings of Conjuring Karma.

How do you differentiate your CBD bath bombs from others in the market?

My bath bombs are handcrafted with love, intention, and a deep understanding of herbal benefits, ensuring not just a bath, but a holistic healing experience.

Has impersonation been an issue, given you emphasize this is your only account?

Yes, impersonation has been an issue on Instagram with unauthorized accounts using my photos and content to scam others.

Where do you see Conjuring Karma in the next 5 years?

I envision expanded offerings and reaching more people globally, continuing to spread healing and self-care through Conjuring Karma.

For newcomers to rituals and sacred baths, where should they begin?

Start with your breath, a candle, and an intention. Let your mind go and embrace the journey.

What emotion or experience do you want your customers to associate with Conjuring Karma?

I want my customers to feel a deep sense of healing, relaxation, and spiritual awakening, connecting them to their innermost selves.

How do you stay inspired in your creative process?

The changing seasons keep me inspired, guiding my creations in harmony with the earth’s cycles.

How can readers get involved or purchase your products?

I have products in various stores in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Purchases can also be made through Instagram, where you can find the latest updates and offerings.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Embrace the journey towards healing and self-care with Conjuring Karma. Each product is crafted with intention and love, aiming to bring peace, healing, and balance to your life.

We are deeply thankful to Tarah for sharing her story and insights with us. Her passion and commitment to promoting holistic well-being through her artisan products are indeed inspiring. At Wild Bluebell Homestead, we believe in championing local businesses like Conjuring Karma, providing them a platform to flourish and connect with a wider audience. Remember, by supporting local, you are making a meaningful contribution to the growth and sustainability of your community. Stay tuned for more features, and continue to explore the world of local creativity with us.

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